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Windsor Addiction Assessment and Outpatient Services (WAAOS)


Call Community Crisis Centre for mental health emergency


Designated assessment and referral center in Windsor-Essex for persons in need of an addiction assessment and access to treatment for addictions - alcohol and/or drugs.

Our Staff

This program is staffed by two Social Workers who are proficient in the use of the Ministry of Health Admission Discharge requirements.


Our services are provided in English, with limited outpatient services accessible with interpreter provided by the client. We are funded by the Mental Health & Addictions Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long Term Care.


How To Access Our Services

Anyone can make referrals to this service. All we ask is that the individual is made aware of the referral, and is willing to undergo an addiction assessment for the purpose of determining if, and what type of, addictions services may be needed.


Those individuals seeking an addiction assessment must first complete our core addiction assessment. Intake Package of questionnaires before being seen by one of our Social Workers. This can be done in one of the following ways:

  • Call us at (519) 257-5220 and our Secretary will mail, email or fax you the package

of questionnaires for you to complete. Once we receive the completed package,

the client will be contacted to arrange an initial assessment interview.

  • Come into WAAOS between 8:30 am to 4:30 pm on any weekday, to either complete the

admission package at WAAOS, or to pick it up for completion elsewhere.


  • Clients of Windsor Essex Children’s Aid Society Walk and Probation Services can ask
their workers for a core addiction assessment intake package of questionnaires.


Primary linkages are with HDGH Withdrawal Management Services, Westover, Brentwood and House of Sophrosyne Treatment Centres, Probation Services and Windsor Essex Children's Aid Society.


100% funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health as confirmed by a valid health card.


Contact Information

Windsor Addiction Assessment and Outpatient Services

Withdrawal Management and Assessment Centre Building

Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare

3740 Connaught Avenue

Windsor, ON  N9C 3Z4

(519) 257-5220



8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday


Program Manager

Leslie Davis

(519) 254-2112



Families’ and Friends’ Role in Promoting Safety

 Family members and friends play an important role in patient safety.  Encouraging

attendance of appointments, taking medications and asking to be involved in
understanding and facilitating treatment plans is recommended among family
members and friends.  If family members and friends have serious concerns
about a loved one’s safety and well-being please utilize emergency (911) or
crisis hotline (519-973-4435) services or locations (nearest emergency room or
crisis centre) as needed.  You are always allowed to provide us with
information however we may not be able to relay information/feedback to you
directly.  For any important messages the hospital contact information is
provided on this website under the Contacts link.  
Thank you for your role in promoting safety.



Contact Us


General Info: (519) 257-5111


Voice Directory: (519) 257-5100


1453 Prince Rd.


Windsor, ON N9C 3Z4