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Strategic Plan 2016-2018

Fundamentals and Identity


Strategic Drivers

The work of the next 18 months is driven by our three strategic drivers:


Our Patients
We are committed to our patients - improving their quality of life through an evidence informed culture of quality and safety.
Our People
We are committed to our people - their safety, their development, and their wellbeing.
Our Identity
We are committed to our identity - so that those in need understand who we are, the services we provide and our vision for a healthier community.




Strategic Priorities 

Our Patients

  • Lead the delivery of non acute services—the right programs in place with the right resources
  • Lead the delivery of care and ensure right patient, right service, right location
  • Enhance and connect the patient experience/safety with clinical operations by improving service and quality
  • Deliver high quality service through the provision of patient centered care guided by evidence based practices

 Our People


  • Establish HDGH as a best place to work
  • Improve professional staff engagement
  • Improve accountability of professional staff
  • Develop dynamic professional staff human resource philosophy in line with strategic directions
  • Be an organization of fiscally responsible stewards of tax payer dollars 


 Our Identity


  • Establish & strengthen government, community & private sector partnerships
  • Inform the public on HDGH’s new role
  • Develop a thriving research & innovation program that builds upon our medical programs & services
  • Become a premier location of choice for our community volunteers, students volunteers and academic placements 
  • Establish HDGH as a leader and collaborator in mental health system planning



 Operating Plan 2016-2018

In 2015, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare launched its five-year strategic plan, which identified three key strategic drivers: Our Patients, Our People and Our Identity. The 2015/16 – 2017/18 strategic operating plan serves to inform our stakeholders and partners about the projects and major work that will be completed in the three major areas of focus. In preparing this operating plan and accompanying budget, the major pieces of work were reviewed to ensure consistency and alignment with our current strategic priorities. This work will assist in moving us closer to achieving our vision of A Trusted Leader Transforming Healthcare and Cultivating a Healthier Community.

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